Earn money online Instagram and how can I earn money on Instagram.

social media growing rapidly including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. notice the ones around you that most of them have smartphones and contently many of them are using Instagram.

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most people use social media to share their photos or videos or to get entertain for some time by watching other's photos, memes. but do you know you can earn money from Instagram? it is surprising to hear for some of you but this is the fact. let me explain in detail in this article called How to Earn money online Instagram.

To the point, if we take Virat Kohli as an example when Virat Kohli posts a photo on Instagram promoting some brand(let's say some X brand) he will charge 680000 dollars I,e 5 crores(according to hopper HQ) for posting that photo. imagine he is charging 5 crores for posting a single photo on Instagram. how crazy is this can you imagine one single post costs that much amount. there is n number of celebrities who earn more than too. 

coming to our point,

Even we can also earn by using Instagram. you might have a doubt I am not a celebrity like Virat Kohli then how can I earn money using Instagram.

let me say one thing,

To earn money on Instagram you are not supposed to be a celebrity but you should have a considerable number of followers number for example 10k followers.

Then the big doubt is how can I get followers?

To get more followers on Instagram you need to post the content in the form of photos or by sharing videos on topics that you know.

Ways to earn money from Instagram

1. influencers:-

This method is used by many Instagram users. if we have more followers on the page companies try to contact you to promote their product. if their product is related to your page content. they will try to promote it from your page.

because they want to reach their product to the user so they will pay you the money depending on the number of followers you have.

2. Affiliate marketing:-

This is also the best way to earn money through Instagram. mainly for tech-related pages. for example, you have good knowledge about mobiles and gadgets, so you started a page. you spent a lot of time creating content. by posting regularly and you got a good number of followers. now you can do one thing, whatever the new products come into the market try to give a review of that product. and give your affiliate link to that product. 

3. promoting/selling your own product:-

If you have a product, for example, you have a sweet shop you serve all over India shipping. you can promote your own business. or you have good knowledge about the stock market you can make a course out of it and then you can sell it to your followers.

4. movie collaborations:-

If you have a good follower base in your regional language and your content has good recognition then you might get a chance to promote movies. the movie production may try to contact you to make a collaboration with you to reach there is a movie to you used as your followers. you can get a good amount with movie collabs, in my region(Telugu), MY VILLAGE SHOW is the best example.

5. Shoutouts:-

this is nothing but promoting your fellow pages. if your post their one of the post in your story they will give some pay. in this way also you can earn money on Instagram and even recent days like YouTube, Instagram is also playing ads for igtv videos. so you can make money in this way also.... but remember for this to happen you need a good number of followers.

so initially you have to focus on increasing your follower's number, instead of making money.

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