Alternative for google  adsense, adsense alternate

Every blogger wants to monetize Their blog by showing ads. For that, Most of bloggers prefer Google AdSense. Because it is Google's product, the most trusted product.  

But getting Google AdSense is became somewhat difficult in recent days because of continuous changes in Their policies. Because they want to provide their AdSense for the people who keep Their content up to date. And writes with good quality. 

Once you apply for AdSense, from that day Google team starts reviewing your blog. Usually, it takes one week or so. They will track how many users visiting and how is Their engagement...etc

After checking all these things Google will decide whether approve this account or not. This is how getting Google AdSense became very complicated.

But some networks are offering this kind of service which we call an alternative for Google AdSense. with fewer checks, requirements. They may pay less compare to Google AdSense. 

Let have a look at what are those.

In this article, we will be discussing the top 10 alternatives for Google AdSense.

1. Media. net


This is one of the most trusted network.

provides all type of ads like, contextual ads, display ads, native ads.


2. Infolinks

This network also provides all kind of ads and also you can earn by referring your co-bloggers also. 10% of commission can earn from your referred person's earnings, For 12 months.

3. Revenue hits

This network Provides banners, pop-unders, push-button, footer, floating banner, shadow slides, dialog.

4. Bidvertise

Bidvertise provides direct navigation, pop-under, Push notification, in-page push, integer pops, altive ads.

The min payout requirement is 10$.

Can withdraw this money to PayPal or can convert it to bitcoin.

5. Pop ads

This network also provide all type of ads.

Min payout is 5$. Can redeem through PayPal and alertpay. 

500$ min payout for wire transfer.

This network accepts all types of sites including adults.

6. Pop my ads

The min payout requirement is 5$. Transfer of your earnings done to PayPal in 10days of your request.

This network will take 24hours to approve your website. (a bit faster).

7. Propeller ads

This network provides push ads,. Interstitials, smart links, on-click ads, push notifications.

And also referral program is also there.

8. Vibrant media

This network provides all types of ads.

9. Buy sell ads

This network provides Native ads, content ads, podcast ads, display ads, email ads.

10. Adversal

This network provides Native, video, display ads.

To get ads from this network your site should have min 50k page views per month. And site shouldn't have malware, pirated content, and illegal, adult content.